Blind-Marking in the Assignment activity


An example of blind marking



This guide will show you how to implement Blind marking within your Assignment Activity. 


What to know:

The Blind marking tool within the Assignment activity affords the user the ability to institute a feature that provides student anonymity, and impartial reviews and marking of their work.


Step 1: The Assignment activity 

Click the 'Turn editing on' button on the top right hand corner of your screen, next 'Add an activity or resource' then click on the 'Assignment activity icon'


Step 2:  Name and Description

Add the 'Assignment name' and 'Description' 


Step 3:  The Grade section 

Go down to the 'Grade' section on the assignment settings page (if grade settings are not displayed click on the arrow symbol to the right to display). 


Step 4: Activating Blind marking

Go to the 'Blind marking' drop-down menu and select 'Yes'


Step 5: Save settings

Now 'Save and return to course' or 'save changes' button to save the settings.


Step 6: Student anonymity

Now when you view the students within the submission section of the Assignment activity the only information that can be viewed about the participant is a 'Identifier' ID that has been generated for the specific submission.


Step 7: Turning off Blind marking (optional)

If at the end of the marking process, you are required to switch off Blind marking this can be done by simply clicking on the 'Grading action' drop-down menu and clicking on 'Reveal student identities' now Blind marking will be switched off.




If you disable the blind marking and enable it again, or reveal student identities and use blind marking again, the student number in blind marking will change. It may cause confusion to your colleagues.


Always ensure that you institute Blind marking when setting up your Assignment activity at the beginning of the process, as it will not function once an assignment has been received.