Coursework - Use personal deadlines

An example of personal deadline



This guide will show you how to set personal deadlines for the Coursework activity.


What to know:

Only module leaders or whom has the permission can set the personal deadlines.



Step 1: Find the Coursework activity

Please go to your module page, and enable the Edit mode, and then find the coursework activity you want to change the setting:


Step 2: Open the editing page

Click the “edit”->”Edit settings”

Step 3: Change the setting

In the Availability  section, please set “ use the personal deadline  ” to be “Yes”. 

Please save the settings. Now, we can start to set the different deadlines for the students.

Step 4: Edit the personal deadline

On the coursework page, you will see a column named “ Personal deadline ” and you can click the pencil icon to change every student’s personal deadline:

In the edit box, please change the time and date as the new deadline for this student:

Please remember to click Check mark after you finish.



You can also change the deadlines by: