Check Turnitin Similarity Report on the Turnitin Official Website (for Teachers)

An example of Turnitin Similarity Reports on the Turnitin official website



This guide will show you how to check similarity reports on the Turnitin official website as an alternative approach to checking reports on the Learning Mall. If you already have an account for the Turnitin website, please go straight to Step 1-6: Log in to the system.



1. Turnitin official website is only used for checking Turnitin similarity reports. Turnitin官网页面仅用于Turnitin查重。

2. The files submitted to the Turnitin official website will not be synchronized to the Learning Mall. 在Turnitin官网页面提交的文件不会同步在Learning Mall系统。

3. Please still mark the submissions on Learning Mall module page. 请在Learning Mall课程页面打分。



Step 1: Access the Turnitin official website

Please access the Turnitin official website:  

Then click 'Login' at the top right corner.


Step 2: Reset password (Skip if you have changed the password)

If you are the first time logging into the page, please click 'Forgot your password? Click here' link.

If not, please jump to Step tp log in.


Please type in your XJTLU email and your Surname, then click 'Next' button.

Hint: please use your XJTLU email and Surname . Otherwise, you cannot use the Turnitin service.


Then you will get an email in your XJTLU email box (the mailbox you just typed in in Step 3).

The email title is ' Reset your Turnitin password '. Please click the link in the email to reset the password.

Hint: This password is only used for Turnitin website login. It is not connected with the Learning Mall user account.


Please type in your new password, confirm the password and click 'Next' button.


Step 3: Log in to the system

Then you can log in with your XJTLU email and new password .



Step 4: Change to 'Instructor' role

After logging in to the Turnitin website, you will be able to see the Turnitin homepage.  Please make sure you are in the 'Instructor' role at the top of the page, as highlighted.

If not, please click the 'Instructor' role and choose the 'Instructor' role in the dropdown list.



Step 5: Click into the module

Click into the module that you need to check the Turnitin rates and reports, as shown below.

Please make sure you are in the 'instructor' role, when you select the module.


Step 6: View Turnitin reports

If the student submissions have already got the Turnitin report and you request is to view the Turnitin reports, you can click into your module in Turnitin official website and view the reports, as shown below.



Step 7: Show 1000 students' Turnitin reports on one page

Turnitin allows showing at most 1000 student submissions on one page.

  1. To do it, please click the 'User Info' at the top right heading of the page.
  2. Choose '1000' at the 'Items per page' setting, and save the change.
  3. Then in the Assignment page (like Step 6), it shows 1000 students on one page.