Coursework - How to bulk upload the feedback files

An example of feedback file



This guide will show you how to bulk upload feedback file to each student within Coursework activity.


What to know:

Coursework is mainly designed to support the double-marking. If you don't need do double marking, please use the activity "Assignment".

The coursework feedback uploading feature has some limitations, such as:

  1. You can't successfully upload unless the submission has been marked with a score (for example, if assessor 1 hasn't give a score, you can't upload feedback for assessor 1)
  2. You can't upload more than one file with the same type to each submission. Please manually upload if you have more than one document or use different file types. For example, use one PDF file and one Word file.



Step 1: Name the feedback files

Please change the file name with exact the random File ID as below:


Step 2: Zip all the files

You can zip all the files by selecting all of them:


Step 3: Upload to coursework

Click and upload the zip file to Coursework:


Step 4: Check the notice


You may not be able to upload the file if the assessor hasn't grade (give a score) the submission.
Coursework can only support uploading one type of feedback file to each submission. For example, you can't upload two PDF files or two Word documents at the same time. However, you can upload one PDF and one Word document with the same file name (file ID).