GA guide for Mac


Step 1:  In Finder, Click "Go to Folder" under the "Go" tab



Step 2:  Type /private/etc in the box, then click "Go"



Step 3:  Open the "hosts" file. Click the “Duplicate” to create a writable copy.

This "hosts" file is locked and if you press the "Enter" key, there will be a pop-up window to ask you to duplicate it.



Step 4:  Select the address and copy the highlighted content below, paste it at the end of this file, then click close.


Southeast Asia  



Step 5:  Rename it as "hosts" and select the location "Desktop", then press "Save"



Step 6:  Right-click the "hosts" file which just saved on the desktop. Click "Get Info"




Step 7:  Delete the ".txt" in the Name & Extension box.

After deleting the ".txt" extension, there will be a pop-up window to confirm your action. And click the " Remove " button.


Step 8:  Drag this "hosts" file from desktop to the original folder (/private/etc).  Click "Authenticate" to allow



Step 9:  Confirm your operation.

1) Enter your admin password and click OK

2) Click "Replace" to finish