How to download and migrate H5P Content Bank from modules in AY23/24 to new module areas in AY24/25


Uploaded H5P activities in the module area



This guide will show you how to manually download and migrate the H5P content bank from the previous module in AY23/24 to the new module area in AY24/25.

Here is the link to the archive AY23/24 system:


What to know:

The download and migration process can be completed in a few simple steps, enabling you to quickly start setting up your new module area for AY24/25.



Step 1: Access the previous module area in AY23/24

Access your previous AY23/24 module area. Then click "More" and choose "Content bank".


Step 2: Access the Content bank

Next, you can view all the H5P functions in the Content bank.


Choose the function to be downloaded and click the name to open it.

Step 3: Download the H5P function

Click the "More" button and click the "Download" option.


Step 4: Locate the downloaded H5P file

You should now find an H5P file saved to the Downloads folder on your computer.


Step 5: Access the new module in AY24/25

Access your new module area for the new academic year AY24/25 and click the Content bank at the course-level menu.




Step 6: Access the Content bank in the new module

Next, click the Upload button in the content bank of your new module.


Step 7: Uploading H5P files to the Content bank

You can now simply drag-and-drop the downloaded H5P file into the pop-up dialogue. Note that multiple files can not be dragged and dropped simultaneously. You only can upload one file at a time. Then click Save Changes. 

Once complete, please click Content bank folder to view all the H5P functions listed, including the uploaded file.


Tips: Please note that the migration process for H5P file can only be processed one function at a time. There is no bulk migration for H5P content migration.