How to use multiple languages for your course

An example of Multiple langue



This guide will show you how to use multiple languages for your course page. The display language will changes depends on the system language.


What to know:

We will use the easy code as below to make the page show different languages:

<span lang="en" class="multilang"> TEXT </span>
<span lang="zh_cn" class="multilang"> 中文 </span>



Step 1: Course title

You can add the code to the course title:


Step 2:  Module description

Go to the same page of Module edit setting as above, scroll down to "Description" and edit the content by using the html code:


First time to edit the course summary:

Come back to make changes, you will see the text editor. Please switch to html mode to make the changes:

Step 3:  Test the multiple language

You can insert the multiple language into section/activity description area, labels, forums, quizzes, page activity and other place where the text is being used. The editing steps are the same as we did above. Please test it by switching the language after you saved:


If you found the code doesn't work, you can check the following:

If there's any extra "<span> ... </span> " code between the multi-language span. For example: 

One way to fix it is to change the <span> tag with some other tags such as <p>, and move the extra format coding to the very outside (avoid putting it between the two <span> tags). For example: