Guide for Zhumu Breakout Room

Overview: This guide will show you how to turn on the break-out room function in Zhumu, for group discussions.   What to know: Break out room is a function to seperate participants into groups for group discussions. Table of Contents Step 1: A... Read More

How to check my Zhumu permission?

Step 1: Access XJTLU Authentication Centre , and login with your XJTLU account.   Step 2: Click "ZHUMU" in the application list.   Step 3: Check the User Type and Capacity in the profile page. If it shows "Basic" on User Type, please... Read More

Zhumu Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Download and Install Zhumu International Client (skip if already installed)   Step 2: Open the client, Click Sign In > Sign in with SSO > Enter “xjtlu.zhumu.com” in company domain field   Step 3: On the opening page, e... Read More