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This guide will show you how to send feedback files within Assignment activity. Then all the selected students will receive the same feedback file. It can be useful to give general feedback to a group of students.


What to know:

The send a feedback file feature affords the user greater control over assignment feedback within modules.


Table of Contents


Step 1: Assignment activity

Go to your Assignment activity on your module page


Step 2:  View submissions

Click on the 'View all submissions' button


Step 3: The submission page

You will now go to the page where student submissions are viewable.



Step 4:  Selecting the submission(s)

On the submission page, click on 'select' tick box in the left corner to select all students or a specific student(s) by clicking the tick box in front of their names. 




Step 5: Sending the feedback file 

At the bottom of the page, you will see 'With selected' and and a drop down menu to the right.

  1. Within the dropdown menu go to ‘Send feedback files’.
  2. Click ‘Go’ button. This will now take you to another screen.



Step 6: Adding the feedback files 

Now you see the selected user(s) you are sending the files to.

Then add your specified files either through drag and drop or by searching for the file(s)

Finally click 'Send feedback files' button. 



Step 7: Viewing the feedback files

Now you are back to the submission page. Please scroll to the right. The feedback file is sent to all the selected students.

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