Coursework - Remove grades and feedback

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This guide will show you how to remove grades and feedback when there’s something wrong with the marking before the grades are released to students.

What to know:

Assessors can remove their own grades and feedback, and Module leaders have the permission to remove any feedbacks, including other teachers’ feedbacks. If the grades are released, it will be not possible to remove/change any grades.


Table of Contents


Step 1: Find the Coursework activity

Please go to your module page, enable Edit mode, and then find the coursework activity you want to change the setting, click it to view the submission details:


Step 2: Remove the grade and feedback

Find the grade you are working on or some grades need to be deleted (module leaders can help to delete others’ grading), click the pencil icon:

Click the "Remove feedback" button to remove all the grades and feedback. (If you just want to edit or remove the comment, you can change it on the comment box.)


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