Step 1 - Add the level up Block

An example of level-up block



This guide will show you how to add the level-up block to your module page. Please refer to the Level-up information portal for an example of the tool and best practices. 


What to know:

Level-up is a function of block which you may not be able to find on the activity list.


Table of Contents


Step 1: Turn editing on

Click the button "Turn editing on"


Step 2: Add a Level-Up block

On the right side of the module page, there should be a block called "Add a block". Please click the drop down button and add the "Level up" block on your module.

Basic steps about using Level-Up to gamify your page:

  1. Enable Completion tracking on the module
  2. Add the level up Block
  3. Define activity Completion
  4. Define the levels in level up setting
  5. Create badges - Level up
  6. Define Experience Point rules - Level Up


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