Step 3 - Define the levels in level up setting

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This guide will show you how to define the levels of your module. Please refer to the Level-up information portal for an example of the tool and best practices. 


What to know:

"Level" refers  to the character's progress of experience-based ability gain, in which every increment is equal to one level. In games, levels are often defined by missions or storylines. Once you complete one, you get access to the next, more difficult storyline. Curiosity and desire to achieve or 'conquer' further missions, make levels motivating.

In many tabletop and role-play (RPG) games, characters start as fairly untrained with a low level and a low number of experience points. When a sufficient amount of experience is obtained, the character "levels up", achieving the next level of character development.


Table of Contents


Step 1: Go to the level settings

Navigate to the Level Up block and click the "setting" button:


On the setting page, please click the "Level" tab on the top:

Step 2: Set the levels

First, decide how many levels you are going to create and then update the settings in order to customise newly created levels.

Please bear in mind that the first level will always be the starting level with 0 experience points required. For each additional level, you can:

Use the algorithm:

"Algorithm" will help you to create the levels and scores according to some rules. If you want to use it, please set the "Use the algorithm" to "Yes".

Click the "Show more" button and edit the level count, Algorithm base and Algorithm coefficient according to your needs. Then click "Update and preview" to see how the level points are setted automatically.

The next level's point = Algorithm base ✖️ (1 Algorithm coefficient)

Now you can put the level names and level descriptions into the box as below:


Don't use the algorithm:

If you want to manually put all the level points, please disable the algorithm by setting it to "No":

Then manually define the points for each level, you can also put in the level name and descriptions:

After you finish, please click " Save changes " at the bottom:


Basic steps about using Level-Up to gamify your page:

  1. Enable Completion tracking on the module
  2. Add the level up Block
  3. Define activity Completion
  4. Define the levels in level up setting
  5. Create badges - Level up
  6. Define Experience Point rules - Level Up

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