Import activities and resources from another module page on Learning Mall

An example of importing activities and resources



This guide will show you how to import the activities and resources from another module page on Learning Mall.


What to know:

Teachers can import the activities and resources of previous modules on Learning Mall into a new module. 


Table of Contents


Step 1: Click 'Import' function
  1. Click the Editing icon at the top right conner of the module page.
  2. Click 'Import' option in the dropdown menu.


Step 2: Search for the module

Type in the name of the module where you want to import the content from. Then, click 'Search' button.




Step 3: Choose the module

Choose the module you will import the content from. Then click 'Continue' button.




Step 4: Go next

Please click 'Next' button.




Step 5: Choose the imported activities and resources

Please choose the activities and resources you want to import. In order to choose them, you need to first tick the button in front of the section name to enable choosing items in that section, as highlighted in the rectangle.

Then, click 'Next' button.



Important notice!!

When selecting the activities, DO NOT select the following activities that are already exist as the default activities of the new module.

They are:

  1. Module handbook and other important resources
  2. Announcements
  3. Attendance
  4. General Q&A forum
  5. BigBlueButton virtual classroom



Step 6: Confirm the activities

In the following page, the settings and activities that you have chosen to import have a green tick behind them. 

If the chosen items are correct, please click 'Perform import' button at the button of the page.




Step 7: Finish importing

Then the activities and resources will be imported. Please click 'Continue' button when it finishes importing. Then you will see the imported activities and resources in your module page.



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