How to change the LM Core password (Non-XJTLU user)

An example of invalid password


This guide will show you what to do when you want to change a password or when you forgot the password. The guide will offer ways to find password back for users whose account is a self-registered account.


" I forgot the password and can't log in to the Learning Mall Core system. What should I do?"

Please follow the steps below to reset the password for your external account:

Go to:

1. Click "Lost password " on the log-in page.


2. Type in the registered username or email into the box:


3. After the message is sent to your email, please click the link in your email to reset the password:

" I didn't forget the password and can log in to the Learning Mall Core system. But I want to change the password for security purposes. What should I do?"

Please change it on Learning Mall Core preference page.

Step 1 Click your profile image and then click "Preference".

Step 2 Click "change password".


Step 3 Change the password as you like.

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Author: Tue, Jan 18, 2022
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