Change module format

An example of Grid format



This guide will show you how to change the format of a module.


What to know:

Learning Mall allows teachers to choose from different module format, such as topic format, grid format, etc.

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Step 1: Open the 'Settings' tab on the module page

Please click the 'Settings' tab on the top of the module page.




Step 2: Choose 'grid' course format

In the 'Course format' section, choose 'Grid' in the 'Format' setting.




Step 3: Save the change

Then click the 'Save' button at the end of the page.



Step 4: Module in grid format

Then you will see your sections in the module page are changed to grid format.



Step 5: Turn on Edit mode of the module page

Please enable the  'Edit mode' button at the top right of the page.



Step 6: Change images of the grids

Click 'Edit section' for each grid/section.

Upload an image to change the section image.


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