How to use the Questionnaire in Moodle Courses


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This user guide aims to provide instructions for you on effectively using the Questionnaire plugin. 本用户指南旨在说明如何有效使用问卷调查插件。

Table of Contents


Step 1: Accessing the Questionnaire Activity 访问问卷调查活动

Upon entering the course module, click on the Questionnaire activity. 进入课程模块后,点击问卷调查活动。


Step 2: Participating in a Questionnaire 参与问卷调查
  1. Answer each question in the questionnaire. 回答问卷中的每个问题。
  2. Choose appropriate options or provide text responses based on the question type. 根据问题类型选择适当的选项或提供文本回答。
  3. Ensure that all mandatory questions are answered if applicable. 确保回答所有必答题。


Step 3: Submitting the Questionnaire提交问卷

Once you have answered all the questions, find a " Submit questionnaire " button to submit the questionnaire. 请点击'Submit questionnaire '按钮上传答案。



Step4: Finish Submission完成提交

After submitting, you should click “Continue” button for confirmation. 提交问卷需要‘Continue‘按钮以确认提交。


Then you will get feedback regarding your participation. 然后你会得到关于你的参与情况的反馈。

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