Phase-0 Data upload and preparation


This guide details various settings associated with the FYP system in Stage 0-the preparation stage.


What to know:

FYP system is separate from Learning Mall Core. FYP involves three roles:

It is necessary to upload all the teacher and student accounts by Admin role to the FYP system before the selection. Both staff and student users will access to the FYP system via SSO. 


Table of Contents


Admin role: How to download template and import in FYP system

How to download the user upload template and import:

Admin role: Tips for fill in the template

Admin role: How to initiate a selection activity

How to add an activity

Tips to set up an activity



Teacher role: How to edit personal profile

Once the users have been uploaded by Admin, teachers are able to login and edit their profile. However, teachers and the admin should be on the same page of the selection start date. Once the activity has been started, no edits or changes are allowed until the end of the Random selection.


Next steps:
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