The difference between groups and grouping


This guide details various issues that you have associated with the Groups and Groupings.


What to know:

When you first start editing the module, you may be confused by the similar terms 'Groups' and 'Groupings'.


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Why use Groups and Groupings?

In below context, you may need to create groups:

[Scenario 1]:

[Scenario 2]:

[Scenario 3]:

In below scenario, you may need to create groupings:

[Scenario 4]:

What is the difference between Groups and Groupings?

In general, a group is a set of users and a grouping is a set of groups. You should first create several groups in the course and you have the options to add groups to a grouping. A single grouping can house one group or several groups.

How to create Groups and Groupings?

[Creating a Group]

You may also be interested in these user guides on 'How to create groups automatically'.

[Adding groups to a Grouping] 

If you'd like to explore the function in detail, please refer to Create groups and grouping.

Which activities utilize Groups and Groupings?

Both groups and groupings can be used in two levels:


Next steps:
Now that you have a basic understanding of how to use Groups and Groupings from the perspective of a teacher. Students are also enabled to choose the groups. Please find more details in How to let your students choose their own groups.



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