Quiz - Separate questions in sections

An example of questions separated in sections



This guide will show you how to separate questions into sections within the Quiz activity. 


What to know:

Separating questions into sections will allow you to display different headings within the Quiz activity and apply different shuffling options in different sections. For example, you can set the questions in Section 1 to be shuffled and Section 2 not to be shuffled. 


Table of Contents


Step 1:  Access the Quiz activity 

In your module area/course, click the link of the Quiz activity.


Note: If an appropriate Quiz activity doesn’t exist in your module area/course, please see Add a quiz   for details of how to create one.


Step 2:   Edit quiz
  1. Click the ’Questions’ tab.



Step 3:   Add a new section heading

Click the 'Pen' icon at the left of a page and add a section name.


Step 4:  Click 'Page break' icon to create a new section

Click the 'Page break' icon to create a new section.

Click the 'Add' button on the left, and choose 'a new section heading' to add a new heading.



Step 5:  Delete a section 

Click to delete a section. 



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