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Random access delay in a Quiz

An example of random access delay   Overview: This guide will show you what the function of random delay access works.   What to know: This function can decrease the system pressure in high concurrency situation, such as exams in big classes, i Read More

Mediasite FAQ

This Mediasite FAQ contains all the known errors, common questions, and solutions that people have had with Mediasite to date. 1. Why I can’t I install Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) on iMac. If you have updated MacOS to Catalina (v10.15), Read More

How to change the LM Core password (Non-XJTLU user)

An example of invalid password Overview: This guide will show you what to do when you want to change a password or when you forgot the password. The guide will offer ways to find password back for users whose account is a self-registered Read More

Assignment report

An example of the Assignment report   Overview: This guide will show you how to view and download the report/documents for Assignment activity.   What to know: The Assignment report is on the module level page, but not inside each assignment act Read More

Coursework - How to release grade

An example of released student grade from student view   Overview: This guide will show you how to release the grade to students on the LM Core, so that the students can see the grade and feedback on their own device.   What to know: Normally, o Read More

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