Quiz - Repaginate questions


This guide will show you how to repaginate questions within the Quiz activity. This function will help you to reorganize your questions quickly.


Table of Contents


Step 1:  Access the Quiz activity

In your module area/course, click the link of the Quiz activity.


Note: If an appropriate Quiz activity doesn’t exist in your module area/course, please see Add a quiz   for details of how to create one.


Step 2:  Open the 'Questions' tab



Step 3:  Click " Repaginate" at the top of the page



Step 4:  Repaginate questions

Choose the number of questions you would like to repaginate the questions per page and click "Go". The system will then repaginate the questions accordingly.



You can also change the pagination settings in the Quiz activity setting and repaginate there. Please refer to   Quiz activity settings  to learn how to do that. 


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