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Turnitin Troubleshooting

Overview: This Page will help you to do trouble shooting when using Turnitin. Resources are from Turnitin support page.   Table of Contents 1: Why the report is not generated? 2:  How many resubmissions can I made? 3: What's th Read More

Mediasite FAQ

This Mediasite FAQ contains all the known errors, common questions, and solutions that people have had with Mediasite to date. 1. Why I can’t I install Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) on iMac. If you have updated MacOS to Catalina (v10.15), Read More

Random access delay in a Quiz

An example of random access delay   Overview: This guide will show you what the function of random delay access works.   What to know: This function can decrease the system pressure in high concurrency situation, such as exams in big classes, i Read More

How to learn in a Gamified course

An example of Level Up leaderboard Overview: This guide will show you how to learn in a gamified course, including the features it have if the page is using Level Up feature.    What to know: Students will need to manage their time and learning Read More