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How to let your students choose their own groups

An example of students choose their own group   Overview: This guide will show you how to set up the group choice activity and allow your students to choose their own group for group activities. What to know: In order to use the group choice, p Read More

How to import groups

Overview: This guide will show you how to import groups from a spreadsheet (CSV).   What to know: You can only create empty groups through this method. If you want to upload groups and group members, please check the bulk user import user guide Read More

How to create groups automatically

Overview: This guide will show you how to create groups automatically with the flexible settings you can set.   What to know: The groups and group members in the auto-created groups are random. If you want to assign group members manually, please Read More

How to view groups and group members

An example of the group view for teachers and administrative staff Overview: This guide will show you how to access to the groups area to view the groups and group members in your module area. If you are interested in creating groups, please check Read More

All-or-nothing multiple choice

  An example of All or Nothing Multiple Choice question type Overview All-or-nothing multiple choice question type allows students to choose multiple answers. But it differs from the Multiple choice grading method that partial corr Read More

Multiple Choice

One-answer-only question Multiple answers question Overview Multiple Choice should be one of the question types for you to consider, when you are going to create the choice-based questions. It allows students to select the c Read More

Ordering question type

An example of Ordering Question type Overview Ordering question type allows students to drag the short sentences/images into the correct order according to the question. What to know When creating the ordering question, you should make Read More