FAQ for prospective master students


Before everything, MY ACCOUNT

As a prospective master student in XJTLU, you will get emails about account(s) information for you to get familiar with your future study.


Temporary account:

After you paid the deposit to XJTLU for Master programme, you will get a temporary account linked with your personal email from admin@learningmall.cn to access “Transition to XJTLU- Pre-arrival course for Master’s students”.

XJTLU account:

After you paid the deposit and received an unconditional offer letter, you will receive an XJTLU official email account which you will use for your future study at XJTLU. Please activate the account and obtain the password once receiving the activation email notification from UIMAdmin@xjtlu.edu.cn . The general format of the account is for example: San.Zhang22 (first name.last name+year in).

Please log in on the LearningMall platform with this account (for example San.Zhang22) after you activate it. The“Pre-arrival Course for Master’s Students" will also appear on your dashboard on LearningMall accordingly.


Question: I got an email about my temporary account, what should I do?
  1. You will first get an email to announce that an new account is created to you.
  2. Then, you will get an email from admin@learningmall.cn about your account username and password.
  3. Then, please follow the guide here to login with your account: https://knowledgebase.xjtlu.edu.cn/article/how-to-access-to-learning-mall-core-platform-non-xjtlu-users-342.html
  4. Then, you can access to your module 'Transition to XJTLU – Pre-arrival Course for Master’s Students' to get familiar with the study in XJTLU.


Question: I cannot find the account information of my temporary account, what should I do?
  1. Please try to find an email from admin@learningmall.cn in the mail box you registered for the master study, which includes your account username and password.
  2. If you cannot find it, please also check the junk folder and prevent emails in your mail box.
  3. If you still cannot find account information, you can email GraduateSchool@xjtlu.edu.cn and request us to reset the password.


Question: I got two accounts from XJTLU, which one should I use?
  1. Please use the XJTLU official account for your study in Learning Mall Core platform.
  2. Please follow the guide here to login with your account: https://knowledgebase.xjtlu.edu.cn/article/1/how-to-access-to-learning-mall-core-platform-341.html 


Your temporary account is still available to you until the new semester starts. Then this account will be discarded as you will have an XJTLU account then if you join in XJTLU.


Question: I got question about my XJTLU account, what can I do?

Please contact our IT department IT@xjtlu.edu.cn for any questions related to XJTLU accounts.