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Step 2 - Define activity completion

An example of completion conditions   Overview: This guide will show you how to define the activity completion for each activity that you want to be applied to the Level-Up rule. Please refer to the Level-up information portal for an exam Read More

Turnitin Troubleshooting

Overview: This Page will help you to do trouble shooting when using Turnitin. Resources are from Turnitin support page.   Table of Contents 1: Why the report is not generated? 2:  How many resubmissions can I made? 3: What's th Read More

Log in to Learning Mall - XJTLU users

An example of Log in Page   Overview: This guide will show you how to log in to Learning Mall Core, if you have a XJTLU account.   What to know: Learning Mall Core platform is now taking a new approach of logging in. This new approac Read More

Coursework - Use grading sheet

An example of the Coursework grading sheet   Overview: This guide will show you how to use the grading sheet to grade the students. Grading sheet can be used as offline marking.   What to know: The grading sheet of coursework Read More

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