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How to use LM Core for the moderation process


Overview: This guide will show you how to use LM Core to facilitate online external/internal moderation.   What to know: To give access to your LM Core module content to the external moderators, please first follow this instruction to Read More

Coursework - How to release grade

An example of released student grade from student view   Overview: This guide will show you how to release the grade to students on the LM Core, so that the students can see the grade and feedback on their own device.   What to know: Normally, o Read More

BigBlueButton Best Practice

Because BigBlueButton involves synchronous video and audio communication among multiple users, special steps must be followed to ensure an optimal experience for all users. This document contains a list of best practices to follow when participating Read More

How to Export Students' List

An example of exported students list   Overview: This guide will show you how to download the students' list from the course module.   What to know: Downloading the students' list is part of the exporting grades function. If the teach Read More

4 - How to record BigBlueButton sessions

Overview: This guide will quickly show you how to use the Recording feature in BigBlueButton (BBB) to enhance lecturers’ and students’ online teaching and learning experience.   What to know: When a BBB conference/activity is Read More

Step 6 - How to view the reports

An example of level-up lader   Overview: This guide will show you how to view the student's learning reports of level up leaderboard.    What to know: To better mange a gamified course, teachers should keep an eye on the students learning Read More

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