6 - How to use BigBlueButton breakout room


This guide will show you how to use the BigBlueButton (BBB) breakout rooms for group discussion within the virtual classroom.


What to know:

Only teachers will have the option to create breakout rooms. Students won't have the option unless you have granted teacher's permission to the particular student in your module.



Step 1: Click the "Create breakout rooms" option on the settings list

Please access to the BBB room and click the settings icon at the right top of the users list on the left side of your BBB page. Click the "Create breakout rooms" from the list and then you will see a pop up page as the below screenshot shows. You can select the number of rooms from the dropdownlist, the maximum is 8 rooms. You can set the duration in the box by inputing the number of minutes for the breakout session.

There are three options for you to assign your students into different groups. 

  1. You can click the "Randomly assign" and the system will automatically assign your students into the breakout rooms.
  2. You can tick the "allow users to choose a breakout room to join" check box, and in that way, your students will be able to choose which room they want to join.
  3. You can manually assign your students by dragging their names from the "not assigned" box and drop on each room box.

After all these settings, please click "Create" and then the system will start the break out rooms immediately. Your students will be guided to separate rooms.


Student's view for option 1&2:

Student's view for option 3:

Step 2:  Switch between the main room and breakout rooms

As teacher, you will stay at the main room page, if you want to join the students in the breakout rooms, you can click the breakout rooms link on the left menu, and then you can see all the breakout rooms. You can click join room and access to the breakout room and join the students. 

Most of the browsers support open the new window in a new tab, so that you can switch your view between the main room and breakout rooms by clicking on the different tabs. To avoid audio disturb, you can mute your self in the breakout rooms.