How to learn in a Gamified course

An example of Level Up leaderboard


This guide will show you how to learn in a gamified course, including the features it have if the page is using Level Up feature. 


What to know:

Students will need to manage their time and learning pace themselves, when learning in a course under the design of gamification. Teachers will support students like a facilitator when they have questions, that is different from traditional course in which the teachers will lead all the learning process from the beginning to the end.



Step 1: What is a gamified course page

A gamified course page is designed by teachers who wants to motivate students in learning. Learning in the module, you will:

  1. Mainly have a Self-learning process that you can control your learning time/pace with some help from the teacher.
  2. You will receive points by doing tasks like reading paper resources, watching video resources, submitting coursework, discussing with classmates and doing online tests.
  3. Your learning are tracked by the system.
  4. Receive a badge/reward when you achieve some points.
  5. As the points increasing, you will also achieve new levels.
  6. Some content may be restricted if you didn't reach the requirements. On the other side, if you matches the requirement, the new content will be unlocked.
  7. You can see others learning progress.
Step 2: How to own points/badges/level up

You can get points by doing the tasks. The progress bar will also be show on the module page. When the point bar reaches the end of that level, you will move to a new level and new badge. Here a screenshot of the leaderboard:


Step 3: How to unlock a content

Some learning content or sections may be locked with some restriction. Please read the restriction and try hard to meet the requirements so that it will be unlocked:


Step 4:  How to view my classmates progress

You can always check the others' learning progress by clicking "Ladder" on the leaderboard:

You can also see the team ladder information by clicking "Team Ladder" on the top:



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