BigBlueButton Best Practice

Because BigBlueButton involves synchronous video and audio communication among multiple users, special steps must be followed to ensure an optimal experience for all users. This document contains a list of best practices to follow when participating in or moderating a meeting in BigBlueButton.
  • Maximum participants: 150
  • Use a headset. A headset with a dedicated microphone and earpiece is recommended. Using a headset minimizes the potential for echo in the audio signal. If one user echoes, then all users in the meeting room can hear it.
  • Use a consistent internet connection. if possible ensure that your connection is consistent. If need be, use a wired connection if your wireless connection isn't stable.
  • Find a quiet place. All participants should find a quiet environment before joining BigBlueButton.
  • Isolate your speakers from your microphone. Users should not play any audio through computer speakers because their microphone may pick it up and transmit it to the meeting.
  • Test your hardware and software configuration in advance of the meeting. ensure that you are using the correct most up-to-date browser i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.
  • Instructors should work from a laptop or desktop computer when moderating a meeting. Because moderators can perform additional tasks, instructors will find that a desktop or laptop computer provides a better experience than can be found on smaller mobile devices like iPads.
  • Instructors should prepare any necessary files before the meeting starts. Preparing files in advance ensures that they will be ready when participants arrive and allows the instructor to focus on managing the student experience.
  • Arrive to the meeting room early. Instructors should access the meeting room at least 20 minutes in advance of any scheduled appointments to prepare their materials. Students should join at least 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.
  • Access BigBlueButton through the link in your module page. Click the link to the BigBlueButton activity in your module page. Never bookmark the BigBlueButton meeting or paste its URL in your browser's address bar.
  • If you need to share your computer screen, use a second device (e.g., phone, iPad, computer) to monitor Public Chat. It will be difficult for you to monitor Public Chat on your computer when you are sharing your computer screen. Joining the BigBlueButton session on a second device in addition to your computer can help you monitor Public Chat more easily.
  • If you are not speaking, mute yourself. Muting yourself reduces the risk of echo and makes the shared meeting room audio more clear for everyone.
  • If you are a moderator, mute participants who are introducing audio issues. If static, echo, or distortion is present in the meeting room audio, moderators should determine whether a particular user is a source of the distortion and mute them so that the rest of the meeting room participants are not affected.
  • If you are a moderator who wishes to record the meeting, make sure to stop the recording before you exit. Always click the Stop Recording button in the top left corner of the BigBlueButton interface before exiting a meeting.
  • When you are ready to exit, close the tab containing the BigBlueButton interface. Do not leave the meeting room interface minimized if you are not using it. Do not try to have the same meeting room open in multiple windows.