0 - BigBlueButton Preparation Before an Online Session


In order to avoid unexpected issues, it’s highly recommended to be prepared in advance of your online session with BigBlueButton (BBB). The guide will list several important considerations. It is advised that you use this guide as a checklist before each session.


What to know:

Teaching online is very different from teaching in a classroom. It will rely more on technology. A small issue has the potential to cause serious challenges when delivering an online session. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure you are prepared in advance. The preparation process should be started at least 30 minutes before the session begins. If you are new to delivering an online course, it is recommended that you allow yourself even more time to familiarize yourself with the process in advance of the session.




Be sure that your presentation file is ready. For the best result, it’s better to save your Word or PowerPoint document as PDF file. Be aware that, the animations with visual or audio effects on your slide will not be shown on BBB slide.



Be sure to test all the devices before you start the session.
Devices. BBB works on almost any device, e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It’s recommended, however, that teachers use a device with a bigger screen and stable system.
Headset and camera. In order to have a better audio result, please prepare a headset to speak during your lecture. If you will share your webcam, a good camera is required, as well.



Not all browsers support BBB. Please use the browsers below to deliver your online course, and make sure the browser is updated to the latest version:


  • To avoid background noise, please find a quiet place with a good internet connection. You should also make sure that you won’t be interrupted during the session.
  • You should ensure all your teaching materials are available on your desk so that you can easily reach them when required.


Familiarize yourself with BBB features

You should clearly know what features you are going to use during the session, and how to use each feature to support your teaching. Practice is needed if you are not familiar with BBB to ensure your session runs smoothly.


Other suggestions
  • Be sure there are no files downloading to your computer when delivering your session, as this will decrease internet speed and interfere with your lesson running smoothly.
  • Please turn your VPN off.