My Dashboard

An example of Dashboard of Learning Mall   Overview: This guide will show you what does the dashboard of the Learning Mall look like, and what functions/feature it has. For example, both teachers and students can find their own modules on t... Read More

Recycle Bin: the place to restore deleted content

An example of deleted files in Recycle Bin   Overview: This guide will show you how to retrieve the files that have been deleted by mistake.   What to know: This guide is applicable to both teachers and students.   Table of Contents Step 1:... Read More

Turnitin Troubleshooting

Overview: This Page will help you to do trouble shooting when using Turnitin. Resources are from Turnitin support page.   Table of Contents 1: Why the report is not generated? 2:  How many resubmissions can I made? 3: What's th... Read More

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