Join Tencent/VooV Meeting via Browser


This guide will show you how to join a VooV or Tencent Meeting via your browser (it is recommended to use Google Chrome ).


What to know:

It will not require you to log in if you join a meeting via your browser. And you can only join via the VooV official website (which is also accessible on the Chinese mainland).



Step 1:  Visit the VooV official website and click the "Join Now" button on the navigation bar

1) Visit the VooV official website (

2) Find the " Join Now " button on the top navigation bar



Step 2:  Enter meeting ID and click the "Join" button



Step 3:  Click the "Join From Browser" button



Step 4:  Edit your name and confirm whether to turn on the mic or video, then join the meeting



If you encounter an error as shown in the following figure, please

allow the VooV meeting website to use your microphone or camera in your browser settings


Step 5:  Verify your information and confirm the data processing agreement



Step 6:  Done!


Please visit the official documentation (Joining a Meeting from Browser | Tencent Cloud) for more details