FAQ-Turnitin Error Messages


When you submit a file to an assignment dropbox with Turnitin enabled, you may receive an error message that prevents your submission from uploading successfully to Turnitin platform. Rest assured, the error messages are clear to understand and easily rectifiable by the following solutions provided below.

因为网络连接等原因, Turnitin 会有各种报错。看到报错请勿担心,报错只是代表 Turnitin 功能出了问题,作业已成功提交了哦。如下附上常见的几种报错和解决方案。

An example of Turnitin error message

Error message: [XML Response could not be parsed]



XML error message is due to the file name issue.

Solution : please rename the file with no more than 40 characters nor containing any Chinese brackets or quotation marks. If this does not solve the issue, please send your request to  Learningmall@xjtlu.edu.cn we will help you with the resubmission.


Error message : [Please consult your API logs for further information]



API log error mainly is due to connection issue when files are transmitted from Learning Mall Core to Turnitin platform.

Solution: Please rename the file and resubmit it in the dropbox if it's before the due date. If this does not solve the issue or pass the due date, please send your request to  Learningmall@xjtlu.edu.cn we will help you with the resubmission.


Error message : [a 100% similarity score]



During the period when Turnitin disconnected with Learning Mall Core, an alternative is provided to conduct the informal checking in Turnitin official website. However, if papers submitted to dropbox other than "Turnitin Website Checking" remended, any submissions to the previous/formal modules will be saved to Turnitin repository. Thus, the informal checking submission may cause high similarity score for their future formal submissions.

Solution: if time permits, the student is suggested to send the auto-reply( with paper ID information )of the wrong submission to Learningmall@xjtlu.edu.cn  to request for the deletion of the wrong submission. After the deletion is confirmed by Learning Mall team, please remind the lecturer to refresh the score.

Turnitin function in Learning Mall Core platform is back to normal! It is highly suggested to implement your informal similarity checking in Turnitin Check AY22/23 page on Learning Mall Core platform.


Question: Is there any issue if I got the warning message as below?


1.  The warning message below means that the format of the submission cannot be checked by Turnitin. If your submission is not a format listed below, you will get this warning message.



2. This warning message will not influence the grade of your submission, if the file format is required by your teacher.



3. If you get this message, your submission has been uploaded to the assignment successfully.



Note:  File file types that Turnitin supports please refer to  File Requirements under Turnitin.