How to Check the Similarity Report in Turnitin

An example of a similarity report in Turnitin



This guide will show you how to check the  matching report details in Turnitin website.


What to know:

This guide is applicable to both teachers and students.



Step 1: Click on the percentage rate in dropbox

Find an assignment and click on the percentage rate next to an icon of a pencil.



Step 2: Open up the report source in Turnitin

After clicking the percentage rate, a new page in Turnitin will be opened up. Please click the number indicating the match overview, which is usually folded.



Step 3: Match overview page

A match overview is displayed after clicking on the rate number. A collection of all the matching sources are displayed. The number "20%" is the sum of all the matching percentages.



Step 4: Check the Matching source

If you click on the first source with a 4% match, you will be directed to the matching content in the file with a tiny "1" at the beginning of the sentence, indicating this is the first match. There are two ways to see the details: one is to click on the source URL and open page in a new window; the other is to click on the book icon to view the full resource at the right hand side next the document.


Step 5: View the Matching Source

After clicking on the book icon, the matching source will be displayed on the same page as the file. After viewing, you could click on X button to close the full source window or to choose another source to review.


When viewing the matching source in the original website, you may be asked to send a request to view the original matching source after opening up a webpage.


Next steps:
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