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6 - How to use BigBlueButton breakout room

Overview: This guide will show you how to use the BigBlueButton (BBB) breakout rooms for group discussion within the virtual classroom.   What to know: Only teachers will have the option to create breakout rooms. Students won't have the opti Read More

3 - How to set access restrictions for BigBlueButton

Overview: This guide will show you how to restrict access to your BigBlueButton (BBB) links in your module area based on various criteria such as groups, groupings, time and date, as well as the completion of other activities.   What to know: Acce Read More

4 - How to record BigBlueButton sessions

Overview: This guide will quickly show you how to use the Recording feature in BigBlueButton (BBB) to enhance lecturers’ and students’ online teaching and learning experience.   What to know: When a BBB conference/activity is Read More

4 - How to mute students, make students a speaker

  Overview: This guide will detail how to manage the users in BigBlueButton (BBB), namely how to mute and unmute users, lock viewers, and give users special permissions.   What to know: If you are delivering online sessions to a large number of st Read More

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