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6 - How to use BigBlueButton breakout room

Overview: This guide will show you how to use the BigBlueButton (BBB) breakout rooms for group discussion within the virtual classroom.   What to know: Only teachers will have the option to create breakout rooms. Students won't have the opti Read More

4 - How to record BigBlueButton sessions

Overview: This guide will quickly show you how to use the Recording feature in BigBlueButton (BBB) to enhance lecturers’ and students’ online teaching and learning experience.   What to know: When a BBB conference/activity is Read More

4 - How to mute students, make students a speaker

  Overview: This guide will detail how to manage the users in BigBlueButton (BBB), namely how to mute and unmute users, lock viewers, and give users special permissions.   What to know: If you are delivering online sessions to a large number of st Read More

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