2 - How to share BBB recordings on ICE to students on LM Core

An example of finding the URL of the BBB recording



This guide will show you how to share BBB recordings that were recorded on ICE with students on LM Core.

What to know:

If you recorded BBB sessions on LM Core, you can download the recordings. Please check this user guide How to download BBB recordings 


Step 1: Access to your ICE module page and click into the BBB recording

Access to your ICE module area and find the BBB activity link. Click into the BBB link and find the recordings below the "Join session" button. Click "view presentation" to open the recording.



Step 2:  Copy the URL of the BBB recording

As the screenshot shows, you can copy the URL of this BBB recording from the browser URL box on top.



Step 3:  Create a URL activity on your LM Core module area

Access to your LM Core module area, click "add an activity or resource", search the keyword "URL" and select the URL activity from the list, as the screenshot shows.


Step 4:  Put the BBB recording URL in the URL activity setting

As the below screenshot shows, please paste the BBB recording URL you've copied from ICE to the URL activity setting area.


Step 5: The URL link on your LM Core page

Your students will be able to access to the ICE BBB recording from this hyper link on your LM Core module area now.