How to create a Group Member activity

An example of the Group Member activity



This guide will show you how to create a Group Member activity.


What to know:

Group Member activity allows students to view the group members of their own team.



Step 1: Turn on editing  mode in your module area/course

Click the ’Turn editing on’ button displayed near the upper right of the module area/course.



Step 2:  Click ’Add an activity or resource ’ link
  1. When editing mode is turned on, navigate to the section where you want to add the [xxxx] activity.
  2. Next, click the ’Add an activity or resource’ button displayed at the bottom of the section.



Step 3:  Choose the Group Member activity
  1. From the pop-up activity chooser window, locate and select the Group Member activity.
  2. Then it jumps to the setting of the activity.



Step 4: Provide an activity name

Provide a name of the Group Member 



Step 5:  Setting of the Group Member activity

In 'Group Members' setting, please set up the followings:

  1. 'Grouping' : Grouping is a collection of groups. If you use grouping for the group project, please choose the grouping you use.
  2. 'Show groups' : 'All groups of grouping' -- show the group members of all students.                            'Only own group' -- only show the group members of the students' own groups.




Step 6: Save

Click 'Save and display' button to save it.




Step 7: Student view

Then, when students click into the Group Member activity, they can see the group members of them.