How to delete contents in Content bank

An example of deleting contents in content bank.



This guide will show you how to delete content in Content bank.


What to know:

Content bank contains all the H5P resources; therefore, users are able to create, edit or delete resources in content bank.



Step 1: Enter content bank.

Click 'Content bank' in the drop-down list of the course level menu.



Step 2: Choose the content that you want to delete.

Click the content that you want to delete in the content bank.



Step 3: Click the 'setting' button and click the 'Delete' button.

Click the 'More' button at the top-left side, and then click the 'Delete' button to delete the chosen content.



Step 4: Confirm the deletion operation.

There is a pop-up window to let you confirm your deletion operation, thus choose the 'Delete' button to delete the content.



Step 5: Finish deleting the content in content bank.

The page will re-direct you to the content bank page, and now you can see the content has been deleted.