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Quiz - Key features to create a safer exam


Learning Mall Quiz activity can be flexibly used by teachers for different purposes, such as a pretest, formative assessment, adaptive activity, and summative assessment. Comparing to taking a quiz in a classroom with teachers' invigilation, there are much more difficulties to conduct a safe and fair exam online. However, to prevent the students cheating from each other, Learning Mall quiz has some features that can reduce the possibilities to cheat when students are taking quiz online from some way.


Tip 1 - Shuffle the Choices of Multiple Questions

The choices in the multiple question are shuffled for each attempt, so that students' answer will be different by selecting from "A,B,C,D".



How to set:

Go to the relating Quiz → Settings  → Question Behaviour → Shuffle within questions



Tip 2 - Shuffle Questions' Order

The order of the questions is different when students are taking the same quiz.



How to set:

Go to the relating Quiz → Questions  → Tick the "Shuffle" 

Shuffle questions 


Tip 3 - Random Questions From a Question Pool

Random questions are auto selected by the system from the question bank, so the questions and orders are very different for each student. 


How to set:

Random questions 


Tip 4 - Disable review option

For a safe online quiz, it is better not to provide the right answers to student immediately after their attempt. It can stop them sharing the screenshot with classmates:

How to set:

Go to the relating Quiz → Settings  → Review options→ Untick the review options


There are some other methods to ensure a safe exam such as limiting the quiz time, or using the proctoring tool. Please be noted that it is a very hard question for ages to stop cheating, and there's no perfect solutions in the world. All we can do is to make the exam much fairer to all, and we also need to consider the convenience of the technology.