FAQ-Turnitin Error Messages

  Important: When you submit a file to an assignment dropbox with Turnitin enabled, you may receive an error message that prevents your submission from uploading successfully to Turnitin platform. Rest assured, the error messages are clear to... Read More

File Requirements under Turnitin

  Overview: Turnitin provides the ability to compare the contents of a submitted file with the contents of millions of websites, journals, periodicals and other scholarly resources.   What to know: Though Turnitin can support to check most of the ... Read More

How to Check the Similarity Report in Turnitin

An example of a similarity report in Turnitin   Overview: This guide will show you how to check the  matching report details in Turnitin website.   What to know: This guide is applicable to both teachers and students.   Table of Contents Ste... Read More

Turnitin Troubleshooting

Overview: This Page will help you to do trouble shooting when using Turnitin. Resources are from Turnitin support page.   Table of Contents 1: Why the report is not generated? 2:  How many resubmissions can I made? 3: What's th... Read More