How to bulk create external users


This guide will show you how to bulk create external users.


What to know:

Please contact Learning Mall site administrator / managers to upload the user data for account creation.



Step 1: Put data into system recognized format

Please put the data into the format that the system can recognize. (The template is attached in the guide.)


  1. 'Original username' is 'firstname.lastname', e.g. san.zhang
  2. 'username' is 'firstname.lastname' + 'et', e.g. san.zhanget. (This is to differentiate the external accounts from XJLTU accounts.)
  3. 'username' is in lower case, 'firstname' and 'lastname' have first character in the upper case.
  4. 'group1' is optional information




Step 2: Check duplicated username within Excel sheet

1. Please check the duplicated username within the user accounts you provided in this Excel sheet.

2. If you find duplicated usernames, please add '01' and '02' at the end of the usernames, as shown below.




Step 3: Filter out accounts with XJTLU emails

In the 'email' column, please filter out the email with word 'XJTLU', including,,

Then put the account information with XJLTU email addresses to a separate Excel sheet, and remove these accounts in the original Excel sheet.



Step 4: Send to

Please send the two Excel sheet to for account creation.



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