FAQ - Students are waiting for moderator but teachers are already in BigBlueButton


Question: Students are waiting for the moderator but teachers are already in BigBlueButton

If you as a teacher has already started the BigBlueButton session, but your student(s) reported that they are still seeing the message "waiting for a moderator to join", please check the following:

  1. Are you using group mode for your BigBlueButton, in other words, do you have different groups of students to attend different sessions at the same time with different teachers? If this is the case, please double-check if you have selected the right group for your BigBlueButton. As the below screenshot shows, your students will be automatically assigned to their own groups, but teachers have permission to see all groups. So teachers will need to select the right group from the "group" dropdown list and then start the session for the particular group. 
  2. If you are not using group mode, please double check if teacher and student are at the same BigBlueButton session link? Each module will have one default BigBlueButton virtual classroom link, but sometimes teachers may create other BigBlueButton links on the same module page.