How to access to Learning Mall Core platform


This guide will show you how to access to Learning Mall Core platform.


What to know:

XJTLU Learning Mall is now upgraded into two platforms, Learning Mall Core and Learning Mall Premium.

Learning Mall Core ( ), previously referred by our students and staff as Learning Mall Core, is the platform for online learning and teaching activities for XJTLU students and staff.
Learning Mall Premium ( ) provides added-value learning resources for XJTLU students and staff, and external users.

Learning Mall homepage ( ) has been refreshed to reflect this upgrade. Please use this guide to check out updated login steps.



Step 1 Method 1: Visit   第一步 方法1: 访问

Visit , then press 'Visit Learning Mall Core' button.

访问 ,然后点击‘访问 Learning Mall Core’。



Step 1 Method 2: Visit   第一步 方法2: 访问

Visit XJTU Guide page , then click 'Core (Online Learning and Teaching System)'.

访问西浦Guide页面 , 然后点击‘Core (Online Learning and Teaching System)’ 链接。




Step 2: Choose your account type 第二步:选择账号类型

1. XJTLU account: If you are using an XJTLU account (the account uses an XJTLU email address), please click 'XJTLU Account' button. 

    西浦账号:如果你使用西浦账号(账号使用西浦邮箱),请点击‘XJTLU 账号’按钮。

2. Non-XJTLU account: If you are using a non-XJTLU account (the account uses your personal email address), please click 'NON-XJTLU Account' button.  

    非西浦账号:如果使用非西浦账号(账号使用您的个人邮箱),点击‘NON-XJTLU 账号’。




Step 3: XJTLU login 第三步:西浦账号登录

If you choose 'XJTLU Account', then type in the username and password of your XJTLU email to login to the platform.