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An example of Dashboard of Learning Mall



This guide will show you what does the dashboard of the Learning Mall look like, and what functions/feature it has. For example, both teachers and students can find their own modules on the dashboard. Users can also manage some of the contents according to their own preference.


What to know:

Dashboard is also called main page or home page. It’s the control panel of the Learning Mall where you can view all your learning resources and learning status.


Left Navigation bar

You can hide/unhide the left navigation bar by clicking the top round button .

Calendar: it will bring you to the calendar management area.

All modules: It will bring you to the page of all the modules in XJLTU  (categorized by schools and departments). You can also search for your own course in this page.

Bookmarks: a list of all the courses/pages you have bookmarked in Learning Mall.

Bookmark this page: a button for you to bookmark a course/page.



The Timeline block will show all the tasks students have recently including the assignments, quizzes which are sorted by the due date by default. Teachers may can’t see anything here.

Students can make a quick submission directly by clicking the button " Add submission " in the timeline, or clicking " Attempt the quiz " to quickly join the quiz.


The calendar can display site, course, group, user and category events in addition to assignment and quiz deadlines, chat times and other course events.

Please move your mouse to the specific date with red dot on it to view the details.  You can also click it to view more and even access to specific activity.

Module Overview

Module overview block will show you all the modules you joined, including the courses you are taking/teaching and some open/optional module pages. 

1. Filter the modules

All: it shows all the courses you have taken and are taking. The removed from view modules are not included.

In progress: it will show all the courses you are in this semester.

Future: It will show the future modules (on teachers' view). Usually before the beginning of the semester, teachers can access to the future modules ti edit, however, students will not be able to see it.

Past: it will show all the modules you have taken in the past.

Starred: it will show all starred modules. You can quickly find the important modules here if you star them.

Removed from view: it will only show the modules you removed from the "All" category.


2. Sort the modules

You can click the button below to sort the module.


3. Change the display of the modules


4. Star/unstar/remove/restore the modules

Star: it means the starred modules will be grouped in a separate category named "Starred" on the top, so that you can easily find them.

Remove from view: it means the module can be removed from the "All" category to the "Removed from view" category.

Restore to view: you can use this feature to remove back the module from "Removed from view" category.

Why I can't find my module?

If you can't find the module. Please first make sure you have tried:

1. Checked all the module categories on the top.

  2. Tried to show all the modules on the list or checked other pages of the module review content.

Top navigation

On the top, there are some more useful buttons for you:



When you click the user menu, it will has many features in a dropdown list such as the Dashboard, Profile, Messages, Preferences and Log out button:

Teachers can find the "Switch role to..."" button in the dropdown list of user menu (students can't), so that they can view the page/course from the student point of view:


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