Change my Profile Image

An example of profile image



Profile image can be changed according to the users’ preference. It can show a user’s personality and makes the user easily to be recognised in the group work online.

What to know:

The acceptable image types includes .gif .jpe .jpeg .jpg .png .svg .svgz, and the maximum image size is 100MB.


Step 1: Go to the Profile Editing Page

Click the user menu on the top right corner. Then click "Profile" from the list.


Step 2: Edit Profile

On the Profile page, you can click button "Edit Profile" to edit your account.

Step 3: Upload image

On the image editing area like below, you can click the file shape icon to upload an image or drag the image onto the blue box:

Step 4: Save the changes

Click the button "Update profile" to save the changes.


Step 5: Change the Profile Picture
  1. You have to deleted the old picture first:

  2. Add the new picture as what we did before from step 1 to step 4.


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