Step 0 - Level-Up Introduction


Level-Up is a tool on Learning Mall Core which can support building a gamified course. While working through various activities and resources on this page, you will be able to earn Experience Points, collect Badges and unlock further Levels. 


What to know:

H ere are certain prerequisites you need to meet before you start learning about Gamification and Level-Up:

  • Open the completion tracking of the module. (It should be enabled by default.)
  • Adding activities and resources to your module area
  • Editing the completion setting of each activity/resource





Applying game elements such as Badges, Levels, Experience Points, Progress Bars and Leader Boards to a learning activity in order to motivate students to learn as well as to maximize enjoyment and engagement through capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.



To apply elements of Gamification to a learning activity.


Activity Completion

Each activity or resource on Learning Mall Core includes Activity Completion settings. These settings can be used by teachers to decide what it means for a student to complete this activity. This information can later be used to provide teachers with useful Activity Competion reports.


Activity Settings

These allow teachers to configure settings on the activity/resource level. Each activity/resource includes different settings. However, these settings are always accessible from the activity/resource ’Edit’ drop down menu when the module area is turned on.



Is a decorative, often colorful item that represents a particular achievement or skill obtained. In games, badges are often displayed on profile pages and are often associated with levels in that they are earned upon content completion. However, badges are more collectible and can be displayed. There are many different types of badges e.g. badges based on the level of achievement (e.g. bronze/gold/silver), specific skill (e.g. Reading Champion) or character (e.g. Mad Scientist).

Completion Tracking

Is a setting found in the module area’s settings page which allows the Core system to monitor and record student activity within the relevant module area. This information can later be used to determine which activities or resources were completed by students.

Experience Point

It is a unit of measurement (often abbreviated to XP or Exp) used in tabletop as well as role-play (RPG) video games to quantify a player’s progression through the game. Experience points are generally awarded for the completion of tasks, missions, quests, and overcoming obstacles. Obtaining sufficient experience points usually results in "leveling up", achieving the next stage of character development.


Level Up in LM Core

The Level Up plugin is integrated with LM Core well. It can be used to motivate students by unlocking levels, sending badges and competing with each other. Teachers can customize the levels, scores and reward according to the learning content/tasks. More information, please visit the official site of Level Up .


More information:  

Please go to the LM Core Level-up information portal page to learn more about this function.