Creating a Video Assignment

An example of a Video Assignment 



This guide will take you through the steps of creating your video as an assignment on the Learning Mall Core.


What to know:

The video Assignment allows students to submit videos of various file sizes and formats.



Step 1: Turn on editing  mode in your module area/course

Go to the module page.


Step 1: Turn on editing  mode in your module area/course

Click the ’Turn editing on’ button displayed near the upper right of the module area/course.



Step 2:  Click ’Add an activity or resource ’ link
  1. When editing mode is turned on, navigate to the section where you want to add the [xxxx] activity.
  2. Next, click the ’Add an activity or resource’ button displayed at the bottom of the section.



Step 3:  Choose the Assignment activity
  1. From the pop-up activity chooser window, locate and select the Assignment activity.
  2. Then it jumps to the setting of the activity.


Step 4: Give a name of the assignment activity

Please give a name of the assignment activity in 'Assignment name' setting.



Step 5: Set up the assignment time

In the 'Availability' section, please set up the time of the Assignment activity.

  • 'Allow submissions from': the time that students can start to submit work.
  • 'Due date': the deadline of the assignment.
  • 'Cut-off date': after which students cannot submit work anymore. (Students can still submit work after 'due date' and the submission will be regarded as late submission.)
  • 'Remind me to the grade by': System will remind teacher to grade the Assignment.


Step 6: Set the submission type

In the 'submission type' section, choose 'Video assignment'.

Hint: If you want students to submit a video as well as other type of work, you can also choose the other submission type here.



Step 7: Save the settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'save and return to course' or 'save changes' button to save the settings.