Learning Mall Core Announcement FAQ


Question: Why my students cannot receive my announcement emails?

1. If you add announcement posts before the students been enrolled into the modules or before the module start date, your students won't be able to receive the announcement emails. For more details about the dates of student enrollment, please check this Learning Mall Core New Semester Roll-out Information Portal .

2. If you are using a forum activity that you've created or your colleagues have created, the default subscription mode is optional. Like the below screenshot shows, you can click into the forum and check the subscription mode settings. Only students who have subscribed to the forum will receive the email notifications from this forum.

3. If you have a large group of students to distribute the announcement emails, it might take a few hours or even longer for the mail system to sending out these emails. The email system will be very busy at the beginning of the semester when everyone is sending out announcements.

4. If most of your students can receive the announcement emails, but some cannot. Please ask your students to check their junk folder.


If you've checked all the above solutions but still have questions, please contact us via https://knowledgebase.xjtlu.edu.cn/contact.php