How to migrate your ICE module area question bank to the Learning Mall Core




The Learning Mall 



This guide will show you how to export questions from your ICE Question bank to the Learning Mall for use on your new module page. 


What to know:

It will walk you through the steps of exporting questions from your Question bank on ICE so that you can get started recreating these activities on your new Learning Mall module .



Step 1:  ICE module page 

Go to your ICE module page. 




Step 2:  Accessing your Question bank

You can access all of the quizzes on your module by clicking on the settings cog on the right -hand side of your screen on your module page, 



and then by clicking on the Question bank section from the subsequent drop-down menu



Step 3:  Exporting your questions 

Click on Export in the Question bank menu. 


Step 4:  Choosing a file format 

Choose a file format in this case ‘Moodle XML format’.




Step 5:  Exporting 

Then go down to the General section.



Step 6:  Exporting your question to your computer 

Now you can export your questions.



Step 7:  Viewing your file on your computer 

You’ll now be able to see your file in the download folder. 



Step 8: The Learning Mall 

Now on your new Learning Mall page go to the top right hand-corner of the screen and ‘click’ on the cog wheel which is situated close to the editing button.



Step 9: The settings menu 

Now from the setting drop-down menu ’click’ more.



Step 10: Importing the questions 

Go down to import under the Question Bank section.



Step 11: Uploading to the Learning Mall 

Choose the correct file format then drag and drop your file to upload it.



Step 12: Importing the questions

Click Import.


Step 13: List of questions 

You’ll see your imported questions listed.



Step 14: List of questions

Now click continue.


Step 15: Completing the process

You’ve now successfully moved questions from your ICE Question Bank to your Learning Mall.

Please note if you have a lot of questions it may take a while to process