Sending notification

An example of Notification



This guide will show you how to send notifications to students so that they can pay attention to a certain activity on the module, especially when you created a new one. 


What to know:

By the feature “Notification”, students will receive an email or get the notification message on the Learning Mall Core.



Step 1: Turn edit mode on

Click the button on the top right to Turn edit mode on.


Step 2:  Find the Notification button

Find the activity you want the students to pay attention to, then click the three-dot button behind the
activity icon. From the drop-down menu, please click the “Notification” button.


Step 3:  Choose Recipients

In the setting page, choose “Recipients” of the notification.

  • Hold the “Ctrl” button ( or the “command” button on Mac) when you are selecting more than
    one groups or individuals.
  • If the groups or individuals you want to select are in a list, click the top one and then hold the
    “shift” key when you click the last one, then all the groups or individuals between them will be
Step 4:  Write the Message

Type in the comments as you want in the box as below. 
After finishing, click “Send” to send the notification.