Sending notification

An example of Notification



This guide will show you how to send notifications to students so that they can pay attention to a certain activity on the module, especially when you created a new one. 


What to know:

By the feature “Notification”, students will receive an email or get the notification message on the Learning Mall Core.



Step 1: Turn editing on

Click the button on the top right to Turn editing on.


Step 2:  Find the Notification button

Find the activity you want the students to pay attention to, then click “Edit” button behind the
activity icon. From the drop down menu, please click the “Notification” button.


Step 3:  Choose Recipients

In the setting page, choose “Recipients” of the notification.

  • Hold the “Ctrl” button ( or the “command” button on Mac) when you are selecting more than
    one groups or individuals.
  • If the groups or individuals you want to select are in a list, click the top one and then hold the
    “shift” key when you click the last one, then all the groups or individuals between them will be
Step 4:  Write the Message

Type in the comments as you want in the box as below. 
After finishing, click “Send” to send the notification.